Nona Imagine Blue Ice

Brand: Nona Woven Wraps

Fabric: 100% cotton

Type of Weave: Jacquard


Size tested: Size 5


Height: 4’11”

Weight: 90kg (198 lbs)/ Plus size


Age: 14 months

Weight: 11kg (24.2 lbs)

I am a full time working Mom and I would love to wear my baby as often as I could. Unfortunately, I only get to wear Ned during night time and on weekends. We live in the hotter part of the Philippines so this review will focus mainly on the convenience and comfort ability of this wrap to an impatient Mama, even more impatient toddler and most impatient hot weather. This is also in a perspective of someone in between beginner and advanced wrapper.

When I heard about Nona I got so excited given that my MIL’s name is Nona and this might be just our legacy wrap. (I plan to name my future daughter Ninth which also means Nona). However, it came one size short of my base size so I wondered how it would fit me. Most of the size 5 I tried, I could not tie at my back and when tied under bum, it’s too long it could reach my knees. Nona is a lot different, though:


  1. APPEARANCE- I love Nona Imagine Blue Ice’ color. It is very refreshing and relaxing to the eyes. I love how it can look elegant to my long dresses and my short shorts. The design is also gender neutral.  I would definitely want one in my stash.
  2. SUPPORT- I have an extreme leaner and leg straightener for a child. We cannot survive on a wrap that’s mediocre. Luckily, Nona is very supportive. My heavy toddler was basically weightless. Never did I get body aches from wearing the tot for several hours. I believe this wrap can support an even bigger and heavier child. This can be a workhorse wrap since its very strong and sturdy.

    You see, this is how all my wrapping starts. With my baby’s head almost reaching my knees.
  3. GRIP- Despite of some of our lousy and fast wrap jobs, the wrap did not glide and slide. We did not have to double knot nor tighten and re-tighten the passes as well.
  4. LONG- I only have a few wraps to compare but Nona is by far the longest size 5 I ever tried. Even if I am plus-size, I was able to tie it on my back due to its long tapered tails.


  1. MIDDLE MARKER- I believe this wrap is one of the first woven wraps Nona has ever made, consequently, it does not have a middle marker. It is not easy to locate the center manually since the wrap has very long tapered tails.
  2. HEAVY- This wrap is quite heavy. Probably the heaviest among our stash and all the wraps we have tried.
  3. THICK- We sweated a lot when I wore Ned in broad daylight because aside from the fact that baby and I share body heat, the Philippine hot weather is unforgiving. However, we did not have this problem when we used this wrap inside the mall that’s so cold.
  4. STIFF- The wrap has been in the arms of several Moms already but it is still stiff for me.  In my opinion, however, the wrap has plenty of room to be floppy. With more use, you sure can expect this to be softer.

Overall, I love Nona. I need all the support I can get for my Ned. I would recommend this to bigger babies but this can also be worn by newborns provided the weather is cold or when in a fully air conditioned room. If you are in a cold continent, this wrap is perfect for you.

I will surely miss Nona when I ship this to the next Mama in line. I look forward to more Nona woven wraps very soon.


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